Travel Tip of the Week: Always buy 2

The travel tip of the week this week (I know it’s not Monday, but life happens) is to always buy 2.

Whenever I buy deodorant, brushes, or other products that are consumable I always purchase two…one for the road and one for home.

Before I started doing this I would constantly run out to the store at my destination because I would realize I left my brush at home or I didn’t have any tooth paste.  Before the 3-1-1 days I’d buy the normal size bottles of shampoo and conditioner and travel with them.  Now I have 3 oz bottles I refill from family-sized bottles. If I didn’t have the same products both places, eventually I’d like one product better and try to keep it with me at all times which meant I’d ultimately leave it at home.

If you travel once-a-year this tip doesn’t apply, but if you live out of your suitcase more than you live out of your dresser, then it’s a good idea to keep the same products in both places.  I’m almost to this stage for headphones as well since I use them at home for the gym as much as I use them on the plane and this way I won’t have to hunt them down all the time.

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  1. You did right things dear. I always have one small pouch ready with brushes, tooth paste and tiny shewing kit. I also keep small soap and shaving kit for my hubby.

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