Travel Product: The hotel key

This week I got stuck going from my nice warm city up to a city below freezing.  My windshield is frosted over every morning and somehow I’ve escaped scraping all year.

Although the rental agency placed a nice ice scraper in the car, for some reason the Prius I have likes to ice on the inside as well.  The ice scraper is the long type and is awkward when scraping the inside so I switched to my old reliable: the hotel key.  It really has become my ice scraper of choice since it always makes a nice clean scrape.

…now I’m just hoping the coffee gets the annoying smell out.

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  1. One of the reasons I always have a scraper and wiper in my luggage when travelling and renting cars. Plus an orange or yellow reflective thingy to put on if I need to be visible. 🙂

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