Osama bin Laden is dead

Last night when my plane landed some lady had received a text that OBL was dead.  Everyone with a smart phone frantically started seeking out the news and we exchanged information waiting for gate checked bags.

Sure, OBL was an important figurehead for Al-Qaeda and I believe he was also one of the main financiers of that movement, but he is still just one person.  Killing him may be no different than killing Saddam Hussein.  The message has already been spread.

Will I feel any different boarding a plane?  No.  I don’t live my life in fear.  The odds of a terrorist attack are quite low.  Unless there is a significant change in the frequency of terrorist attacks I will continue to go to work every week the same as before.

Do I forecast any difference with TSA?  I predict they will get worse before they get better.  I’m glad I’m not flying today.