Pay attention to the flight attendants

Somewhere in some math equation I’m sure I was due for a plane issue.  Although flights like the Miracle on the Hudson are very few and far between, I know that on any flight anything can go wrong, odds are that it won’t.

Today was my day though.  I boarded Airtran flight 311 from Charlotte to Atlanta.  We taxied and took off like any other flight.  I was in row 30 and beverage service starts in the back on Airtran.  The flight attendants had just gotten to an altitude where service can begin when there was a thump and then some thumping that sounded like it was coming from below the floor.  The flight attendant ran to the back to use the phone (which indicated to all that this wasn’t a normal event), but then continued on with beverage service.  That was my indication that we were going to be OK.  Flight attendants don’t want to get hurt any more than we do.  If the flight were in imminent danger I’m sure beverage service would be the last thing on their mind.  They stayed calm so when the lady next to me asked what was going on I pointed that out.  Just another way they are their for our comfort and safety.

We did end up diverting to GSP since the left engine had issues, but everyone was safe and we landed safely.  Good thing GSP recently got Southwest service and Southwest recently acquired Airtran or else I wonder who would have handled us for our several hour wait for a ferry flight.  The Southwest representatives gave us snacks and vouchers.
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Even MSNBC picked this up