Interesting seatmate story

I’ve actually been making more of an effort to have polite conversations with my seatmates.  The conversation I had last night actually occurred on the bus on the way home from the airport.

I met a guy looking for the greyhound station.  I kind of knew where that was and he thought I was the most approachable person on the bus so we had a nice little conversation from CLT to uptown.  Turns out he is from Quebec and he flew into Charlotte to catch a greyhound bus up to Virginia because he likes to hike the Appalachian trail.  He has hiked many segments over the last 10 years.  It is always good to meet people with goals.  I bragged to him about how cool Charlotte is, he told me all about his adventures.  I hope he found the greyhound station and something to do to kill 3 hours until his bus left.

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