What to pack? Vibram FiveFingers

I’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis for a few months before I finally figured out what it was.  I bought a night brace (thanks to SkyMall for teaching me all about PF treatments) and got some relief, but all of my shoes kept bothering my heel after a while, even with orthotics.  I kept reading other blogs and eventually I decided to bite the bullet and go to my local running store and pick up some FiveFingers.  It’s interesting that a shoe with no padding can be more comfortable with a heel spur than anything else I had tried!  I immediately walked 1.5 miles from the shoe store to the light rail station and my foot felt fine except for when my heel made full contact with one of those textured sidewalk strips for blind people to know when the intersection begins.

I’ve already put around 8 miles on them without a peep from my heel/ankle.

The best thing about them?  They take up hardly any space in my carryon, about 1/2 the room my old runners occupied which is huge since I have to lug around my night brace.

The model I got is the Bikila LS.  I don’t need the LS, but they didn’t carry the normal Bikila in my size.

a pair of shoes with a toe
from amazon.com

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  1. A pair of Birkenstocks would be even better for your plantar fasciitis and, believe it or not, would look better than the five fingers . . .

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