Android App Review: B4YouBoard

Invalid request error occurred.I know I love to diss HMS Host, but here is one thing it seems they are doing right.

This is more of an Android App suggestion since I haven’t been to one of the airports that utilizes this recently, but HMS Host has created an app for iOS and Android to allow users to order food for delivery at the gate.  Right now it is just at ORD, MSP and JFK (Terminal 3).

I like the concept of this app because if I have a close layover I often feel like there isn’t enough time for food.  If I could place an order right after landing so I could either grab at my connecting gate or en route to my connecting gate that would be nice.  Otherwise I’m usually not that lazy.  One thing I do hate, however, is navigating an airport with a fountain beverage.  My luggage + a fountain beverage = too much potential for an accident.  If someone else is navigating the airport with a fountain beverage then I have less of an issue.

iOS link

Android Link

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