Travel Product Review: GermBana

I recently saw the movie Contagion in theatres.  Without revealing too much of the plot, the premise is about a business traveler who visits Asia and comes home to the US to start an epidemic.  Sure, a lot of the movie is farfetched, but the underlying premise is true: travelers, especially business travelers, are known to carry a disease from one area and introduce it to another.  Look at H1N1 with kids who visited Mexico or SARS with people who visited Asia.

Also, as a business traveler, if I just flew 800 miles and spent the night at a hotel on your dime it is pretty hard for me to suddenly have to call in sick.

Frequent hand washing is easy, but adequate rest and nutrition are often difficult with a busy travel schedule.  What more can be done?  How about the GermBana?  GermBana offers three solutions with germ fighting fabric including a Face Gator, Scarf, and Gloves.  All are proven to even fight MRSA which is a difficult to fight infection that used to be relegated to hospitals.  GermBana is anti-Bacterial.  Now, the diseases I listed above were mostly viruses, but there are plenty of bacteria we encounter on tray tables, bathroom doors, and other public places that are difficult to avoid.  Also, just adding a barrier between these surfaces and our hands which should prevent touching our eyes and face can help with viruses.  The gloves make it very easy to prevent touching these surfaces and the scarf has pockets that a hand can easily slip into before opening a bathroom stall door or turning a faucet on/off.  The scarf was very light and I could hide it easily under a cardigan or just wear it on top of my clothes.

GermBanas can be purchased at many outlets including Skymall or Amazon

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Please note, I was provided a GermBana scarf for testing purposes.


  1. An irrelevant question, how did you eye surgery go? How is your sight now? I am still debating as to whether go for it or not.

    1. My last check I’m at 20/20 and should be fully healed. Sounds like I won’t make it to 20/15, but oh well.
      I only use eye drops a couple times a day and my eyes feel much better than they did with contacts. I would do it again in a heartbeat. We’ll see how things are in a couple years.

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