B4 You Board

I had a nice layover in MSP the other day so I decided to finally try out the b4 you board app from HMS Host.

Although at other concourses they had the smaller chain restaurants like Rock Bottom, I was at G which left me with my least favorite: Chilis Too.  I could have ordered at another concourse because I had time, but I wanted to make sure that even Chilis would last.

I used the app and placed my order using my credit card.  It took me a couple tries because I had chosen pick-up to see if that expanded the G options any, but it didn’t.  I had to start over to do delivery.  Then I wanted to look something up in another app before completing my order, but that resulted in beginning again as well.

I completed my order, a receipt was emailed to me, and I sat waiting for the promised push notifications.  I never received any (which maybe I had blocked, I need to look that up), but the delivery person did call as she approached the gate.  When I saw her I showed her my phone and that was that.

The food arrived before the slated window and it was an acceptable temperature.

This leaves me with a question about gratuity:

I rarely carry cash.  I had only $1 which is a paltry tip on an order over $10 and since I didn’t sign a credit slip tipping didn’t dawn on me until the lady had already left, but I believe people should be tipped for my laziness (because at least in that instance I had plenty of time to obtain food and I was actually in front of Tequileria waiting for Chilis).  There was no option to tip at checkout (which I agree with since the service I’m tipping for hasn’t occurred yet), but without adequate cash I had no mechanism to tip.

Are the employees compensated enough that tipping is unnecessary?  If not, then HMS Host can surely find a way to tip these people for running food across the airport.