iPhone App Review: Starbucks

I don’t know why I’ve been missing the boat for so long, but I love the *$s app.  A lot of flyertalkers talk about using Starbucks gift cards and I thought they just like carrying around several pieces of plastic.  I live right across the street from a Starbucks so I decided to check out the app, plus sales people at my company seem contractually obligated to visit Starbucks every morning so I figured it’s probably a good thing to get.

It locates starbucks which I expected, but when I tried to sign in for the rewards program I learned I needed a starbucks card.  I didn’t want a card because that’s another card in my already full wallet.  Then I learned about how the app can be used to pay so I don’t need to carry around the card (except not all places are equipped to handle the phones like ORD so those places just suck). I’m not too sure what I actually get for these rewards besides a free coffee on my birthday, but it’s still fun to have another program.

This means I can trek across the street with just my keys and my phone and grab some breakfast.  I can look up the nutrition information right on the app and pay with my phone.

They also have Android and Blackberry apps.

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    1. I remember back in the day when I had a Starbucks card and tried to use it at Barnes and Noble and they said “We can only take B&N cards”, but I know my company can sell interfaces to Starbucks gift cards. It’s all about what hardware the store buys though and the app does clearly state whether a store can do the pay-by-phone.

  1. I love this app and it has some cool features.
    You dont need to carry cash or card each time you have a coffee.
    They do not charge for
    1. Soy Milk Substitution (70c if you pay regularly)
    2. Additional Shot (60c if you pay regularly)
    3.Additional syrups( if you pay regularly)
    4. Free beverage after every 15 cups.
    5. Free beverage on your birthday.

    I am not so fancied about the last two options but I am always a fan of NOT being charged for my soy substitute when I get my Chai Latte.

    This app works for payment only at Starbucks corporate stores (Those stores which are owned and operated directly by Starbucks but not by franchises). That is why the payment is not accepted at ORD (My obvious guess).
    You will face similar problems at Strabucks inside Barnes and Nobles (most of the times).

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