Christmas Day Segment Run

Since I just need 2 segments to remain Gold with Delta I figure I’m dumb to not do a segment run. I know that Delta will often bump up people who are close miles-wise, but I don’t think that’s the same for segments so I’m not taking any chances.

I’ve also fulfilled all my familial obligations for Christmas so I figure what better day than a day when most other people don’t want to fly.  I’m sure I could have found a cheaper flight, but since I know BWI is typically very cheap from CLT and it was pricing out cheaper than some other destinations I was trying I managed to get a r/t to BWI for $265.  I’ll get 4 segments out of it so I’m good to go.

I still need over 8,000 miles with Star Alliance to stay at my current tier of Premier Executive which is becoming Gold whatever on the new United but I just can’t justify spending much more money on mileage runs with a looming home purchase.  Maybe if I can find  a 9,000 mile run for less than $300, but I doubt it so I’ll just acquiesce to dropping a tier.


  1. Just a thought. Go to BWI from CLT. Stay in same terminal,and go do a round trip to SFO. on United. I think that should get you to keep your tier on both airlines. I did not check the mileage on the BWI to SFO MR. As I said just a thought.

    Merry Christmas

    1. I’d have to do it a couple times, but maybe that would price out well for next week since I would then do CLT-BWI on US which is usually dirt cheap and if BWI-west coast is cheap enough it might work. I’d be pretty dead after that though but hopefully a few segments would break it up. Dunno. Considering how devalued the new Silver on United will be compared to the Premier Executive status I’m used to I may just have to do what I can. Not confirming E+ until checkin is going to suck.

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