A human actually reads compliments to Delta

I’ve sent my share of positive, negative, and neutral emails to airlines over the years.  It seems if the email is neutral and is just a question about something that the response comes from someone who didn’t understand the question at all.  I could ask something like “how many miles will I earn from Charlotte to Chicago” and get an answer like “You are only awarded miles for flights actually flown.  Cancelling a ticket will not incur miles.”

I figured if I sent a compliment to Delta and requested no email response that it would just get autorouted to imaginary land.  Instead, they responded anyway and the response actually matches my compliment.

I flew in First class on Christmas and the male flight
attendant with the beard provided excellent service. My first beverage
choice was not catered in first class but even after I said I was fine
with another choice he explored the coach carts and found my beverage
for me. It really made my Christmas.

Their reply:

Thank you for sharing your kind and thoughtful comments about the
service provided by our flight attendant while traveling with us.  On
behalf of Delta Air Lines, your positive feedback is greatly

Delta places a high priority on customer satisfaction and we are
fortunate to have employees who strive for excellence and
professionalism in every area of responsibility.  The fine work by our
flight attendant, which earned your positive comments, reaffirms our
belief that our company is only as good as its people.  We believe our
team members are our most important assets, and I am happy to learn our
flight attendant exceeded your expectations.  Please know I will be
sharing your comments with our Inflight leadership team so this employee
receives appropriate recognition on your behalf.

, thank you again for writing.  I am so glad that our
employee has made your flight experience so enjoyable.  As a Gold
Medallion member we appreciate your loyalty to Delta and are always
interested in your feedback.  We deeply value your continued business
and look forward to serving you in the near future.

Still fairly boilerplate, but at least the person chose the right boilerplate template!  This year I resolve to send positive comments when appropriate to make sure good staff members are appreciated.


  1. I had a similar experience when I wrote about a very helpful reservations agent named Ginger in Seattle. It’s nice to know someone reads them and passes them along.

    Maybe my compliment will make a difference in Ginger’s life someday… who knows.

  2. I write letters and mail them the old fashioned way. I nearly always get a personal (not boilerplate) reply.

    Letters of praise have gotten replies from field managers. Complaints have gotten checks (versus airline credits).

    Email is good for a lot of things…communicating with an airline is not one of them.

  3. Hello, Delta Airlines;
    Please forward my sincere compliments to the following Delta representatives who were exceptionally knowledgable, patient and helpful with my requests yesterday. Gail, Vinnie, Roberta and especially Zoritza really deserve special thanks for their efforts.
    Best regards,

  4. I would very much like to compliment Dawn on the flight from BOS to ORF Fl.4301, Aug.22nd.6:00 PM. she was friendly,gracious and strong. I had need for extra support leaving the rails on the step to enter the plane. I mentioned my fear and she extended her flexed forearm to assist me. It was a good feeling.I had a Fx. of a bone in my foot with a bulky Cast Shoe. She was attentive ,patient, and friendly with all on board. She is a Keeper……We need more like her. All the Staff from front door to gate were friendly and provided me with a W/C, and it was a welcome relief!

  5. Before I forget, I want to send special thanks to Bryce Bennet – a steward who went out of his way way help me during a paticular difficult time. The flight was a red-eye SEA-MSP, PL1014. Somehow I held the same seating as a family also booked for the flight. None of the members of the family wanted to move. The only available seat was in first class and he upgraded me at no cost. Bryce took care of the problem efficiently with a big smile on his face. It was a memorable experience and was a very relaxing flightsince my Mother died a few days later. It’s a wonderful experience rea custopler service! Thanks, Bryce!

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