Is it time to break up with United?

I think I may have talked about this before, but being Premier Silver with United really sucks when flying US Airways.  I no longer get preferred boarding.  I somehow missed that Star Silvers do not get preferred boarding on US Airways otherwise I would probably have done a mileage run to stay Premier Gold/Star Gold.  I’ve already wrapped up at least Premier Silver with United for next year, but I’m not sure how much more I’ll do.

It is very tempting to do a Preferred Trail or at a minimum get one of the credit cards to guarantee zone 2.  I almost never fly United these days so many of the perks of being Premier Silver don’t apply to me, but I still like redemptions through United more than what I hear about US Airways so I’m torn.  I think the weekly hassles of being in Zone 5 are greater than the occasional reward booking…and as a US elite I will at least have a crack at upgrades and exit rows.

I’m sure I’m missing a lot because as you can tell from my hiatus I haven’t been paying as much attention to the travel game as I used to. Comments/criticisms are welcome.


  1. Im having a hard time understanding how a TRAVEL BLOGGER only has the lowest status on1 airline? Isn’t this supposed to be your hobby/passion? Hell, I have top status on UA and AA as well as a low status on DL and I am not a travel blogger.

    1. I am Gold with Delta and had been Premier Executive with United for 5 years, dropping to Premier Silver just this year.

  2. Under united nor continental it is a benefit of star alliance and start alliance silver has never had priority benefits. You always had to earn gold to get star. Best check facts first.

    1. Yes, which is why I admitted it was an oversight on my part. I still get a free checked bag on US (although I don’t check bags), but no preferred boarding.

  3. @udontknow:
    UA provides star silver with priority boarding. For that matter, DL provides it to Skyteam Elite and AA to oneworld ruby as well. US is the only domestic alliance carrier that does not grant priority boarding to all partner elites.

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