Business Valet Parking @ CLT

For all of these years I’ve been parking in the Daily lot whenever I can.  I used to be able to walk to the terminal so it was cheaper than Hourly but more convenient than lots that required a shuttle (long term, daily north-FKA remote, and business valet).  Then they started construction on on the Daily surface lot eliminating pedestrian access from Daily so I moved to Hourly.  Now Hourly is no more so I have moved to Business Valet.

So, I wish I would have made the change sooner.  For $10/day you just pull up to the deck and drop off your keys like you would for any valet.  They carry your luggage for you to the shuttle and away you go.  The wait for the shuttle is much less than at Daily.  On landing you call them and they have your car waiting for when the shuttle drops you off.  You pay, get your keys, and away you go.

What really won me over though…for years I’ve wanted detailing service and oil changes while I’m away because when you travel M-Th or M-F the last thing I want to do on the weekend is get my oil changed and some how my car actually does need to be vacuumed regularly.  I should be due for an oil change after next weekend and I will try out their services and report back.  They also will handle dry cleaning, but I don’t buy anything that requires dry cleaning.

Even when the new hourly decks open I will probably continue to park in Business Valet.


    1. Yes. That’s part of why I started parking in hourly. Hourly in Charlotte was only $18/day, but as of today both hourly decks are closed. I pay more than $10/day to park at hospitals in Canada.

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