Travel Product: New Backpack

For the past few years I have been using a laptop purse from eBags since it held everything I needed and looked more mature and feminine than a backpack.  The problem with holding everything I need on one arm (and only having 1 shoulder that feels comfortable with a purse) means eventually back problems emerge.

I decided it was time to migrate back to a back pack.  Back packs have evolved a bit since I last used one.  The laptop ones are still not very feminine, but neither is hobbling around an airport.

I consulted my favorite place to shop: Costco and realized they have a laptop backpack with a built in cell phone charger and a slot for a tablet.  I was able to get everything I had in my purse neatly stored into the bag.  It is TSA friendly with the laptop compartment zipping away on 3 sides, but I’m using that compartment for my padfolio instead right now.  I haven’t used a TSA friendly bag before and with PreCheck I mainly only need to take my laptop out at small airports and they like to bark anyway.

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This week is my first use of it and I’ll follow up with how it’s going.  I don’t like the side-zip for the laptop and I prefer a top-zip enclosure instead because it’s easier to access on a regional jet when stored below the seat, but maybe it will work.


  1. That looks kinda cool. I have an Eagle Creek backpack I picked up from eBags that I’m a fan of, but I’m always looking. 🙂 I really need to find a new roller carry on.

  2. I’d like a roller when I’m making sales calls, but otherwise I wouldn’t want to lug 2 rollers and I didn’t like the weight of pulling my old laptop bag on the handles of my rollaboard.
    They do have backpacks with wheels, but i was apprehensive about the weight and feel of the frame.

  3. I think I’m due for a new laptop within the next year and the newer ones feel a little lighter. I had no problem fitting my standard issue Dell Latitude laptop with the extended battery in this bag.

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