App Review: Business Card Scanning

Now that I am in Sales and seeing new people each week I collect a lot of business cards.  Some weeks with large meetings or heavy prospecting it can be as high as 15.  A slow week will still net me at least 3 business cards.

I checked out Cam Card but I wasn’t too happy with the OCR and had to correct about 25% of the content.  It wasn’t always recognition error, but the field would say Tel: and it would put that under another random field.

A friend told me about Card Munch by LinkedIn, but I’m not sure how that affiliation works and I’m not sure if I want everyone finding me on LinkedIn…like how if you put your phone number on Facebook and someone added you to a smart phone with the facebook app you would show as a suggested friend.

So I turn to you all.  What iPhone app puts the right content in the right field more than 75% of the time?


  1. Try World card. Most of the apps allow you to try them for free. I took the same card and scanned using several apps. World Card was the most consistent with me.

  2. My boss loves world card so i was forced to try it but it seems to always have phone number errors so I wouldn’t advise it.

  3. ScanBizCards has worked well for me, I think I even sprung for the paid version but have used it so long I don’t remember…

    It struggles with artistic cards, but I’m guessing most any OCR tool will. Otherwise, 75% is probably an accurate success rate


    Check it out. Linked in only shows what you put up there. It is totally different to facebook. With Cardmunch I scan and upload in the evening and in the morning, the data has been manually entered (yes, manually) into my contatcs, and there is a copy of the scanned card, and if the person has a linked in account, then that informations shows too.

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