My experience with the Chase Reconsideration Line

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After reading so many posts about the great bonus that comes with the Chase Sapphire Preferred and my recent need for potential Priority Club points I decided to finally sign up.  I knew my credit was clean, FICO in the 770s, and I have high inquiries from my mortgage still on the report, but those are 18 months old at this point and I’ve only applied for 1 card since then and got instantly approved.

When I got the “We will get back to you in 7-10 business days” I frantically scoured my credit reports to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, then waited until normal business hours and called the Personal Reconsideration line. HT Million Mile Secrets for the #s.

I started the call with the suggested “What additional information do you need to approve me for this.”

The rep took my SSN, pulled up the file, verified my name and address, then connected me to the fraud department.  Note to self…maybe it wasn’t a good idea to apply for a US card while in Canada…

The first rep connected me to the fraud department rep.  She said she needed to verify the information on my application for fraud purposes.  I was curious what was going on since I just put an income slightly higher than the one used for my previous apps but I have pay stubs and a letter from my company to back it up.  In reality she didn’t ask me about my application information at all, but rather she asked if I had any other Chase cards.  I said yes, my JP. Morgan Visa.  I verified the last 4 of that and my past few transactions (all in Canada) and voila! I was approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred with a nice credit line.

I had followed all the tips other than to pull up my other card transaction history.  Next time (in 30 days or so when I move on to the next card for more UR points) I will apply from home!




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  1. Do you know if it’s easier to approve if you already have a Chase card and will transfer some of the balance to the card you’re trying to get reconsidered?

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