Q2 Targeted Bonus for US Airways Mastercard from Barclays

Of course after I get the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and decide to migrate my purchases to that going forward I get this in my inbox:

Use your US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard April 1 through June 30, 2013 and earn 2 bonus miles for every $1 you spend—up to 2,500 bonus miles—on purchases you already make today in the following categories¹:

Invalid request error occurred. • Restaurant purchases (including fast food restaurants)
• Gas Station purchases
• Home Improvement store purchases
Best of all, this is in addition to the miles you already earn for using your card every day.
You must activate this offer by April 20, 2013 to receive bonus miles

This won’t derail me too much though.  I’ll max out this promo pretty quickly and move right back to Chase to rack up some URs and hit the $3000 for the bonus.

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  1. I received the same offer except I got 5 bonus miles instead of 2 bonus miles per dollar.

  2. Grace, I think it’s targeted. I get 15K miles after $750/m spend per mo M/A/M. DH’s card gets bupkus. Offers must vary.

    1. Yes, it’s targeted because the way to sign up is through the link in the email which is targeted.
      Dang. Good thing I wasn’t going to pile onto the card this quarter. I’m not sure what airline will be the best for redemption to Brussels next summer so I was hoping to get some level of points built up in US.

  3. Any tips on how to adjust spending on the US Airways MC to get targeted for these offers? I just got the card a couple months ago and I didn’t receive any bonus miles offers. I imagine the 3Q could be the last opportunity before the merger.

    1. I got the card in November 2012 and this is the first targeted bonus I got. I went from spending ~$300/mo to $3000/mo from the end of last year to present so that is probably why I got a paltry 2 points. I’m shifting my spend back to Chase and my Hilton AMEX so I’ll probably get a better targeted bonus next time around.

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