“Women like windows”

My upgrade %age on US Airways has been pretty good, but as a lowly silver usually I seem to get the bulkhead. I hate the bulkhead, but I also figure that since it’s a free upgrade that beggers shouldn’t be choosers so if another seat isn’t available online I don’t ask at the gate. Last week I had a double whammy…bulkhead aisle.
I got to the gate area and heard my name called out. I approached the agent and she said there was a party that I was right in the middle of and asked if I minded moving to 3F. I said “that’s a window, right?” She said yes. I told her I’d be more than happy to switch because I hate bulkheads and I love windows. She then replied “I was hoping you wouldn’t mind. Women love windows so i figured it was was easier to move you. Men love the aisles.”

I know I love windows, my male coworkers love aisles, but many female friends I know who travel a lot love aisles as well.

I was just happy I got a better (to me) seat. I should have bought a powerball ticket after that!


  1. Yep, I’m a female who prefers the window, and most of the guys I know do prefer the aisle. Interesting…

  2. I do like the window but as a relatively tall female I like the aisle more due to the leg room. Best case in economy, of course, is a row to myself so I have the best of both worlds!

  3. Weird, why? My spouse prefers aisle, for not having to beg permission to get out for lav access. Window is interesting the first few times you fly after that who looks out?

    1. I like the window so I have something to lean against, I have control of the window shade, and so I can tell when we are taking off/landing. I don’t fly United mainline much so I don’t get channel 9. The window makes it easy to tell what the status is.

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