Ordering a Chip/Pin card from PenFed

a screenshot of a credit cardNow that I no longer carry my JP Morgan card with Chip/Signature and Chase Sapphire Preferred does not yet have a chip (but will most likely be Chip/Signature) I decided to consult the list in the first post and realized PenFed cards are chippable. I’ve been a PenFed member since 2007 since they have always had killer auto loan rates (my brand new Escape is financed by them) and I’ve had the Gold Visa for a while since I used it to do a balance transfer years ago. PenFed isn’t always 100% on top of technology (I used to have to mail or fax an address change instead of using an online form) so I wasn’t sure what to expect to request a card with a chip.

I pulled up my credit card page and there was a link to request a card with Chip/Pin. All I had to do was enter my desired pin and acknowledge that I will get a new card with a new #. I have had the card shelved for years so I don’t mind getting a new #.  My next international trip (excluding Canada) isn’t until Panama later this year.  I may just have to pick up the tab in Canada this month just so the server won’t have to hunt to find a pen.  Seems they come out with the card reader without a pen now.

They still have great balance transfer rates, but I have no need for those.


  1. Thanks, I have a few Penfed cards shelved to and don’t have a ship and pin card. looks like I have one on the way.

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