How many outfits do you travel with?

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Early on in my travel career someone told me to plan outfits so you only have to bring 1 pair of shoes.  Instead of having outfits for brown, black, and blue shoes I decided to just stick to black and call it a day and I’ve only purchased black shoes for the past 6 years.

I’m rethinking that.  At first I figured clients would never notice that I always wear the same pants and I have maybe 5-6 shirts I rotate through, but now that I travel with someone instead of alone I realize that I do notice what that person wears.  That means some of the clients I visit regularly notice also (and one client even commented that she had seen me in the same shirt 3 times).

I’m thinking I need to invest about $1,000 in my wardrobe in the next few months to diversify my wardrobe from the top to the bottom.  The first change will be to get a pair of navy shoes and brown shoes and to replace my current black shoes (since they set off the metal detectors in Canada and TPA).

Then to get striped, plaid, and solid pants to coordinate with the shoes, then probably 7-8 tops to rotate through and probably accessories as well.

The goal is to stop taking the suitcase out of the car, washing the clothes, and putting them right back into the suitcase.  I have a good job.  Now it’s time to really start dressing like it.  I think one of the best resources out there to help me with this is Corporette since they specialize in fashion for the business/business casual woman and that is definitely me.

I am weary about dresses and I don’t do heels since I can’t walk in them and I’ve already twisted my ankle at one hospital while there for a meeting, but that still leaves plenty of options.  I think the key will be to wear ballet flats in the airport and then I can be more flexible elsewhere since the bulk of my walking will be in the ballet flats.