Pet Relief Area? Airside?

I’m killing time in SEA and the Alaska Board Room closed before my flight so I ventured out into the terminal to the Horizon C2 gates.  I saw a sign that I do not usually see:

a sign with a dog on it

So I decided to follow the sign to check it out.  It wasn’t an exit.  Rather, across from some vending machines I found this:

a door with a sign on ita fire hydrant on a green grass field

Last time I remember seeing one was at BWI, but that was landside near the light rail station…kinda like the signs that post to smoking areas.

I’m not sure if CLT has anything like this, but I also don’t have a pet to bring with me.  I think it’s a good idea.  I know I need to use the rest room when I travel so I’m sure fido needs to as well.


  1. A few months ago, Gracie the Shih Tzu had to go out at ATL , during a 2 hour layover on a East Coast to West Coast flight. Long security line coming back into the terminal. Just barely made it in time. It would be nice to know where else these relief areas can be found.

  2. As a traveling pet owner, I would actually pick my airline and hub , just to have this available.

  3. My girlfriend asked me the same thing last month. She flew via ATL to visit and brought her Chihuahua with her and one of the passengers suggested to use a family bathroom, gives her more space to walk about and do her business on puppy pads she brought with her.

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