Staying home…

This week marks my first week at home all year.  With 70 flights under my belt already it’s about time!

It seems weird to be home during the week.  I have to constantly remind my friends “Hey, I’m in town!  Invite me out.”  It seems like a pathetic cry for attention, but when they get so used to me being out of town they just don’t bother asking me out during the week.  The “Sorry, I’m in LA” gets old to them after a while.

So…how to travel weary people spend their time at home?  Laundry and landscaping.  I had hired someone to knock out some over grown brick planters the other week so now that they are gone I need to get something in before all the soil erodes!  Usually I just get super lazy when I’m at home.  I’m much more productive when I’m only home on the weekend and I just keep telling myself that I can push back the project a bit.  One thing that I’m not delaying though is getting my pool clean and ready for the swimming season!