Courtyard Denver Downtown

a collage of a bathroom

I had a night to kill before it was time to work and I had an extra category 1-4 certificate from a Marriott promotion last year so I decided to try out the Courtyard Denver.  I had a king-sized room on the second floor.

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I liked the hotel, but actually ended up going out to Boulder to visit a friend so I didn’t explore the area much although I have been on 16th before.  I did have some people partying in the room next to me.  It was still an OK time to be a little loud and it’s not their fault I wanted to go to bed at East coast time so I gave them the benefit of the doubt.  They cleared out long before it would have been time to call the front desk, but I just wanted you to know that sound does travel from room to room.

I ate breakfast in the restaurant connected on the main floor and it was pretty good and service was excellent.  I had the spinach omelet and it was quite tasty.

I never had to wait long for valet which is good since it was $28.