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New weekly installment: The joys of business travel

Invalid request error occurred.Every week on Wednesday afternoons I will post an update of my previous travel week so you can see how glamorous business travel can be. Certain details will be omitted to protect the innocent and to make sure that I don’t jeopardize my job as a business traveler, but I want for you all to see what my week is like.

Flew to PHL by way of DCA since that was ~$500 less than the direct. I will never do that again! I had a 30 minute connection and had to take a bus from one concourse to another and then a bus to my airplane.
Drove down to Maryland and stayed at the Hampton Inn in Hagerstown, MD

Had 2 meetings in Maryland and drove to Morgontown, WV and stayed at the Hampton Inn there. This Hampton Inn has a great location near the university so there were many places to go to eat. I chose Volcano sushi based on a recommendation from the front desk.

Had a meeting in Morgantown, then drove to Clarksburg, WV and had a meeting there and then drove to Huntington, WV and stayed at the Hampton Inn there. The front desk recommended Fat Patty’s for dinner, but Outback Steakhouse was pretty close so I ate there instead.

Two meetings in Huntington and then flew out of HTS on a direct flight back to Charlotte. Home at 6 pm.

So I earned 3 segments on US Airways, 1500 PQM, and 3 stays/nights at Hilton which leaves me at:
Delta: 45 MQS/36,693 MQM = at least Silver for 2014
US Airways: 29 PQS/24,245 PQM – 1 flght from at least Silver for 2014
Hilton: 19 stays/28 nights
Marriott: 38 nights


  1. I know it may seem to get old, but have always wished for a job that required travel….

  2. @Susan. I agree be careful what you wish for. I live in the middle of the state where Grace just travelled. Morgantown, Clarksburg and Huntington(not HuntingtoWn) are most assuredly not NYC, LA, DC, ATL, etc…
    A Hampton Inn, midweek in West Virginia? No thanks and I can see one from my office as I type:)

  3. Would it be too personal to ask what you do for a living? I also share Susan’s feelings.

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