25,000 US Airways Dividend Miles for LASIK

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US Airways is offering a points for LASIK promo similar to the one Delta ran.

You get 1,000 points for a consultation (as long as you submit your US Airways Dividend Miles number with the paperwork) and the remaining 24,000 after you get the treatment.

As someone who has undergone laser eye surgery I would recommend doing it for more than just points, however, if your local LASIK Plus provider has good reviews and you get fair pricing go for it.  I had mine done at the same place as all of my friends.  I didn’t bother seeking opinions from other surgeons or ever schedule an appointment to get Delta Skymiles.  From the terms it sounds like if you have had a consultation for miles in the past you will not get miles again.

If you have a few hours to spare and were in the market anyway you can at least pick up 1,000 miles!

HT: The Points Traveler