So how should I keep my clothes fresh

Since I was running a contest I didn’t respond to comments in the thread so here are my responses:

Paul said to use fresh dryer sheets.  I used to do this, but since I bought a new suitcase a few months ago I hadn’t been doing that.  I placed a few sheets in the bag and I’m going to a hot place so we shall see how much of a difference that makes.

June adds to purchase the detergent/dryer sheet combo so in case I decide to handwash I’m good-to-go.  Great tip, June.  I’ll look for those next time I’m at the store.  I used to think I should carry detergent so I would have no excuse to not wash if needed, but it seemed like I’d be occupying space in my liquids bag that could be better used for other liquids.  The combo sheets are a much better solution.

P T suggests Joy Mangano’s odor absorbers.  If I don’t achieve resolution with the low hanging fruit I’ll try various odor absorbers and see what happens.

Phil says to take my pants off right away.  I usually do change into my yoga pants after I get into the room.  I think I should start hanging up my dress pants instead of throwing them on the floor or back in the suitcase.

Kodoma says to keep shoes and dirties in separate plastic bags and close the bathroom door to prevent humidity from getting to my clothes.  I’ll try bags next trip.

David and Joe jump on the bag bandwagon with Joe highlighting a color coding scheme.

Great suggestions all around.  This week I put dryer sheets in my suitcase and I’m going to hang up my  worn clothes that I will rewear to let them air out a bit.

Over the weekend I’ll pick up some bags and try that as well and I’ll report back.

As far as the free Gogo pass goes, generated a 3 so the winner was P T.  Congrats P T.  Check your spam filter if you did not receive the email in your inbox.

Keep cool out there everyone!


  1. If you like using dryer sheets, you’ll love the combo sheets. Enough scent to replace the dryer sheet, even when inside a zip lock bag to prevent humidity getting the combo sheet moist. It’s there when I need to laundry and then gets replaced when I get home (although I usually carry a couple of sheets at a time)

  2. The Purex combo sheets are no longer available – though you can still find them on eBay, so stock up if that’s your travel solution!

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