Finally! Growlers in NC!

I had actually never heard of a Growler until I went to a Flyertalk Dinner up in Chicago so for those of you in the same boat it’s a to go jug of draft beer…so if

you really like something on tap at a bar/restaurant and they don’t sell it in bottles locally you can take

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some home with you.

The previous law in NC was fairly restrictive as to who could sell/refill growlers with it mostly being reserved for breweries.  This means if you want a growler of a microbrew not from your area you were pretty much SOL or you’d drive down to Baxter Village in Ft. Mill, SC and fill up there.  I always found it ironic that SC of all places almost has more lax liquor laws than NC these days.  As of last week, however, growlers will be available in NC.  They will be permitted to fill growlers at establishments with on-premise licenses!

Although the law had changed to permit growlers, like anything else this takes some time to implement.  From Charlotte Magazine

So while businesses can go ahead and move forward with ordering growlers, tap towers and the like, it may be a month or two before those growlers can be filled.

For now, your best bet (and it’s the freshest option anyway) is to continue visiting your local brewery for a growler.


So maybe the next time I go to Growlers I can actually get a growler to take home!


  1. I think they’ve had this option at Foothills Brewery in Winston-Salem, NC for awhile

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