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Weekly Recap: Week of June 10

a logo with text on itSorry for the delay on this.  Using “schedule post” only works when you actually write this before you want to post it.

My travel has slowed down a bit and been replaced by constant conferenec calls.  I’m not sure what I like better, but I’ll survive.


Flew Delta CLT-ATL-PHX.  I got upgraded CLT-ATL, but not PHX.  I was just glad to get upgraded to ATL since that hasn’t happened much in a while.  Maybe because I was on the 8:30 am instead of the 7:15 am. I took SuperShuttle to my hotel which was the Hilton Garden Inn Old Town Scottsdale.  This time it was full of British tourists on bus tours.  They seemed staffed adequately for that though with a greeter manning the infused water.  Dinner was at Bandera which was pretty good.  I always forget to ask for no cheese on my broccoli, but I actually remembered this time!  Why does everyone feel the need to ruin broccoli with shaved parmesan?


Meetings…then dinner at Eddie’s House.  Great service.  Food was kinda expensive, but I thought the menu had some interesting combinations that really made sense.



Ugh.  I know red eyes suck, but at least I get home and I can sleep in my own bed for a bit.  Instead of taking the red eye on Tuesday I flew out 7:15 am from PHX-ATL-CLT and landed at 5 pm.  That’s an entire business day spent up in the air.  Upgraded ATL-CLT, but that one doesn’t matter.

Thursday: HOME 🙂


Drove to Florence, SC for a meeting.  I should technically have rented a car, but I was heading to my parents (in Atlanta) for my dad’s birthday so I drove my own car and headed to Atlanta directly from Florence. 

So that brings me to:

Delta: 4 segments bringing me to 57 MQS/47,8XX MQM – Almost requalified for Gold!

US Airways: 35 PQS/28,XXX PQM

American Airlines: 1 EQS

Hilton: 2 nights/1 stay – 24 Stays/34 Nights

Marriott:  43 nights total

Avis: 6 rentals


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