Clothing, Netflix style

I’m not going to lie, I’m probably the worst dressed sales person out there.  Whether it’s my lack of a fashion role model growing up or just my natural tomboyish nature, or years of Catholic school uniforms I have no sense of style.  I also have a hard time shopping in my limited free time and I don’t fit the style of a lot of airport shops.

Today in my Facebook ad suggestions I saw something I never really thought about before…an online clothing store set up like Netflix.  You search by garment and size and add items to your cart.  Then they mail them to you and you mail them back when you’re ready.  All postage is part of the program (just like Netflix).  Don’t like something?  Just mail it back.  And the kicker?  no need to wash before sending back.

I definitely get stuck in a rut wearing the same thing over and over, plus I buy the same article in multiple colors so I’m sure my coworkers can tell right away.

I’m giving Gwynnie Bee a try to see if this can help me get out of my rut, always have clothes that fit properly regardless of where I am in my weight cycle, and actually look like I care about how I look.  Right now I’m on a free trial for 3 garments out at a time, but if this works well I might as well bump it up to 7 or 10 garments.  It is still must less than I have budgeted for clothes each month (although that budget seems to find its way over into travel more often than not.

Has anyone out here tried a clothing subscription service like this?  Gwynnie Bee is just for size 10 and larger.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen services like this for men’s shirts and ties.

If this works I will be quite happy.  I often try clothes on in a hurry and when I get home I realize it never really fit to begin with.  Now I just have to mail it back.

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  1. Chek out renttherunway.com – there’s a promo with Amex on that too that’s how I found the website. A little pricey for my liking for everyday wear but it’s an awesome service especially for special occasions!

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