Delta changing it up again, now with a larger device

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Lumia 1520

Last year Delta changed from the credit card processors they were using to the Lumia 820 Windows Phone devices for credit card processing and other features onboard.  Now Market Watch reports:

Delta Air Lines DAL -0.32% this fall will equip more than 20,000 flight attendants with handheld Nokia Lumia 1520 phablets, which will serve as their on-board manual and in-flight sales device as well as a platform for future, more personalized in-flight customer service. The Lumia 1520 features a larger format, 6-inch screen and will replace the smaller Lumia 820 already in the hands of Delta

This continues Delta’s use of Microsoft technology including the pilots using Surface 2 tablets while some other pilots use iPads.  Look for the Phablets to hit your Delta flights from October-December.


  1. My recollection is that Microsoft has a corporate contract with Delta, which might explain part of the reason they’re using Microsoft technology.

    1. That’s my understanding as well. It was fun purchasing some BOB when they first got the Windows Phones. I should have charged for my services of showing them how to use it.

      Hopefully the learning curve is lower since it’s the same operating system.

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