There are a couple film makers who are using to raise funds for a movie about TSA.

They are trying to raise $8,500 by May 13th.

Short Synopsis:Jack is a TSA agent. He doesn’t know which he hates more; his job or his personal life. But when the TSA institutes a new policy that turns passengers into zombies (as another option to full body scan or grope), Jack knows things have to change.

After he gets fired for taking a stand, Jack finds a mysterious prototype TSA security wand that turns his life upside down.  Armed with the wand and a new determination, he sets out to make a difference.

I am backing this project (but other than the publicity I get from contributing to Kickstarter I have no other ties to this).  If you would also like to help please contribute.

Posted by Grace Alexander | 2 Comments to Read

  1. Daniel Bittner said,

    Thank you very much for your generous support! We need more people like you who put their money where their mouth is!

  2. Simon said,

    Good stuff – I’m in!!