My first mileage run

I’m bound and determined to finally tip over the edge to be a 1K with United.  Since this time of the year is typically cheaper than many other parts I figured now is the time to try to get some extra miles under my belt.

I’ve finally RSS’d the Mileage Run Deals forum of Flyertalk and I saw a United mileage run that included CLT.  It was originating in ATL and ending in BUR so I played around a little and found out the fare was valid originating in CLT also. I tried last night and couldn’t get the trip to ticket.  I decided to look again today and finally got a routing to work so I managed to get almost 7,000 miles for just over $250.00.  I didn’t check for the fare on the following weekend because I’m not mean enough to mileage run on Valentine’s day, but I did check the next weekend and the fare for the same trip was $450.00 so I’ll wait a bit.

It’s odd though, yesterday I was having problems with the ticket actually pricing out when I tried to purchase it.  Today kept telling me my credit card wasn’t valid.  I try to purchase all my airfare on my Citi Premier Pass because I get Thank You Points for the miles I fly also.  With 2 tickets to MEL on that card coming up in March and then adding this ticket I was going to have tons of Thank You Points, but I booked with my Hilton American Express instead.

So now I will hopefully be around 40,000 miles by April.  I keep hoping for a Double Elite Qualifying Miles promotion so I can actually take advantage of it.


  1. Yeah. Finishing the year around 80,000 just really hurts because I’m so far over requalifying for 1P, but so far from 1K. I probably have little chance for an unlimited automatic upgrade unless I can make 1K. It really pushed me over the edge being just below the threshold for my e500 to clear the other day.

  2. Taking the plunge! I have yet to do a mileage run. Thanks to the double DEQM UA had last year, I made 1K for the first tim ever. I am loving it. This year if they do not run two DEQMs, I may finally have to do a mileage run to retain 1K. All the best to you on yours.

  3. Hi Grace, I have just added your blog to my Google reader feeds and so far I am very impressed. I love being a 1K and have already done 2 mileage runs (MR) this year – congrats on your first run! My fiancé has gotten the bug and although he travels zero miles for work, he has completed 5 MR this year already – so crazy!

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