Hilton 1Q Promotion

I’m going pretty pathetic in the current Hilton promotion. For every 4 stays or 10 nights a free reward night is issued with a max of 3 free nights. So far I have stayed 8 nights. These 8 nights could have been broken up into 8 stays and thus resulted in 2 free nights with 2 months remaining in the quarter. Instead I’ll hit 4 stays at the same time as 10 nights, but by that point the quarter will be mostly over.

I just feel awkward handing a stack of hotel receipts to a client, especially if there is a price difference.

I never unpack in a hotel so mainly it’s just the convenience of not having 5 difference receipts for last week.

Oh well. They’ll probably ban me from FlyerTalk for admitting I haven’t reached my 12 stays for the promotion yet, but life goes on.

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  1. I’m the same…just not worth the hassle of lugging my suitcase back to the car one extra time and checking back in.

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