TSA to begin swabbing hands

According to CNN the Transportation Security Administration will begin random hand swabs for explosives.

They just keep grasping at straws to make it look like they are doing something.  The system they currently use on luggage will have a false positive if you put on hand lotion and touch your bag.  Since hand lotion is intended for hands it makes me wonder how many false positives will result from testing hands.  So this means you must get your lotion in a container 3.4 oz or less, wash hands thoroughly before entering the checkpoint, then apply lotion after clearing security just in case you are randomly selected for a hand swab.

…and if you are a terrorist you just need to wear some protection so you don’t get explosives on your hands.

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  1. Yes, obviously all TSA does is sit around and watch CSI and NCIS where terrorists forget that in the US, you can buy rubber gloves at the drugstore. Or they are counting on the terrorists making minuscule rips in their rubber gloves and saying “oh, gee, I’ll take my chances with random selection…”

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