I’m off the market

I try not to talk about my personal life too much on this blog, but today I got married in a private ceremony. I have to do so much planning with work that I wanted something with no planning.

The honeymoon was actually planned before the actually ceremony was.

Now after the marriage license comes back I get to begin the fun process of changing my name on all my frequent flyer accounts…except United. I can’t change that one until I get back from Australia in March.


  1. We are all very happy for you. And Australia sounds like a great place to begin a marriage — it’s many “miles” away.

  2. I will definitely blog about changing my name with FF programs. I know many women are doing different things with names. I will take my husband’s last name and will keep my current middle name. I will be First Middle Married. I know a few people who did First Maiden Married and many who hyphenate or just don’t change. Recently I’ve met some men who took their wife’s name or both the husband and wife hyphenate. I had decided a while ago that I would be traditional and take my husband’s name. He is supportive of my decision. I guess it helps that I’m going from one easy last name to another.

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