Name change part III: work, DMV, bank

I took my full marriage license with me on my honeymoon because I was headed straight to work without passing go and collecting $200. I also collected .PDFs of all the forms I’d need to update with my company like new W4s, benefits forms, as well as a name change form. It seems like everything has filtered through except for the IT account changes so I’m not really sure what name to use until my outlook name officially changes.

I was finally home on Friday so I used my window to go to the DMV and get that changed. I headed in with my new SS card, marriage license, and a pay check (since I was updating my address too). I decided to try to go early morning since going over lunch is a horrible idea in NC. They all go on lunch and everyone else who works goes to the DMV so they have 2 people open and a 2 hour line. It opens at 8 a.m. so I headed over at 9 a.m. I was seen by the triage guy after waiting in the first line for 10 minutes, then after he verified I had enough papers (I wish all states would have a primary paper checker to make sure before the big wait that you don’t have to come back). I took my number and sat down. Now the NC DMV only accepts checks and cash and I was unsure what this would set me back. A new license is $32 for 8 years. A replacement license is $10. I had $20 on me so I was hoping it was the latter and it was so I was safe. I did have to get a new picture taken. I wasn’t really prepared for that, but oh well. New license should arrive in the mail in 10 days and the old license is completely intact. I’m not sure what’s the point of central processing if we get unsnipped licenses. The DMV also updated my name and address with the voter administration so that was 2 birds with 1 stone. I wasn’t sure about car registration since that’s a separate office in NC (very annoying!)

After that I headed over to the bank and changed my name there. Pretty easy since I bank with a small bank and I always get great service when I go there.

I had to renew my registration for my car so I got it inspected, returned home, and renewed my registration online. Turns out that they did in fact update that record also when I changed my name at the DMV so my new registration should come in my new name.

After that I printed out forms for all my other banks and copied the marriage license and sent it off. This included Fidelity and ING Direct. I called American Express to get new cards issued. I called their card replacement line and just requested a new name over the phone, no documentation required. I have photo cards from Citi so I had to mail a new signature to them, but otherwise I could have updated it over the internet.

I printed out a form for a new passport, but I need to get some photos taken and I’m slacking about that.

Now I just have to wait until I have some form of ID in my new name and I will begin the process of changing names with frequent flyer accounts which is the whole point I want to get to.


  1. I didn’t need any form of ID to change my airline FF accts…they all just needed a copy of the marriage license.

  2. right, but if I change my name on my FF account and start booking in that name but don’t have an ID to go with that name it will confuse the TSA agents. That is why i’m waiting for gov’t ID.

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