Window Seats: I couldn’t have said it better myself

For all of you window seat fans out there here is a good read about why we love the seat we do.

With This View, Who Needs Legroom?

I wouldn’t say the aisle has more legroom.  really you are taking up space from passers-by and causing accidents for flight attendants with carts.  I like the guaranteed head space from the window.

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  1. 100% Window seat for me. I feel sorry for those isle seat people. One time I flew from LAX to OMA (one of the few direct flights at the time). We flew south over Arizona, but saw some canal type feature…had no clue what it was. When I got home the cover of Natural Geographic they had an arial view of this canal. Another time (OMA-DEN) I glanced up from my work to see Air France going past in the other direction. This was the same flight & path as the AF flight from LAX to CDG I took just months earlier. One time when I flew LAX to Sydney on Qantas (day flight)…I looked down and saw the most beautiful island ever. The map on the main screen (this was back in 1988) did not have the map up, plus the flight attendants were not out at the time. So I drew a picture of the island as best as I could. (I had binoculars with me too.) A few years later in a magazine; 10 most beautiful islands in the world: #1 Bora Bora. I hope Qantas still does their day flights because one of these days I will be lying at the beach without a care in the world, and I will look up and see my flight going down to SYD.

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