Name change part IV: Here come the Frequent Flyer Accounts

Now that I have my new driver’s license I’ve been submitting name change requests to everyone.

American and Avis have been the easiest so far…just fill in the info and that’s it.  Others will accept faxes, others e-mail.  Now to wait and see all the updates trickle in.

So far the worst name changer is Citi Credit Cards.  I have 2 photo cards with them.  The policy is that names can be changed online unless you have a photo card which requires a new signature.  I submitted my new signature over a week ago and while everyone else I changed names with since then has sent me new credit cards (AMEX, my bank, my non-photo citi card), the accounts with the photo cards still reflect my old name.  I tried just changing my name online as well.  Apparently that + an iPad purchase = fraud.  Citi fraud alert seems to call me regularly now.  It makes me want to move even more off the pathetic program that is Thank You Points.

Set the counter.  I just overnighted my passport, photos, etc to the passport agency to get a new passport and finally get a passport card.  The goal is to just carry my passport card and leave my passport book at home unless I’m actually flying internationally.  I’ll smash the PP card so the RFID is inactive, but I think I’ll leave the RFID active in the passport book because I have issues at immigration as it is.

My progress changing my Frequent Travel accounts

(for the next sectionproof = a copy of the wallet-size marriage license, without proof = I just said change my name)

  • AirTran Airways– faxed them with proof on 3/28, account updated first thing on 3/29.  They added a middle initial to my A+ account and my travel agent doesn’t use middle initials or titles which has caused issues with Airtran before.  We shall see…
  • American Airline – I guess thanks to the Secure Flight name B.S. they have a form on their website to update both first and last name without proof as long as a last name change is due to marriage or something else.  I filled out the form on 3/28.
  • Avis – Just change the name of the profile and wait. Changed 3/28
  • Delta – Faxed proof early 3/29 and account updated in the evening 3/29.  I’m not sure if I can get a new SkyClub card or not.  I requested a new Gold Medallion card.  I have a flight in my old name next week.  Let’s see how that goes.
  • Hilton HHonors – I faxed them proof  on 3/29 and I’m waiting.
  • jetBlue – I can’t find anything on their website.  Since individual points expire after 12 months without their AMEX I have no points with them.  They are also usually not conducive to my clients since they are all MidWest or West coast so I may just create a new account with them.  It will take the same amount of effort.
  • Marriott – One part of the website said write, another said write or call.  I faxed proof to the customer service number on 3/28
  • National – faxed proof early 3/29 and changed on 3/29
  • Priority Club – They claimed to accept fax, call, or e-mail so I e-mailed my proof on 3/28 and my name was updated on 3/29 although it was cutoff.
  • Starwood Preferred Guest – I didn’t write anything down.  I don’t know if  I ever submitted this or not.

Not yet submitted – I have flights this week and next booked on United/US Airways so I haven’t submitted my United one yet…

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