Spending the night in BOS

I tend to forget this time of the year is the worst time to travel and I booked my flight late which meant either $1200 for a coach round trip or really bad connections.

To get from SMF to CLT the cheapest way that would allow me to work a 1/2 day was on United connecting in DEN and BOS onward on US Airways.  That meant getting into BOS at 1 am and departing at 5 am.  While I could get a hotel room and there is a Hilton on premise it just didn’t seem worth it to pay $180 to pretty much just shower and turn right back around.  Any off-premise hotel made even less sense.  I’ve waited 25 minutes for shuttles at other airports.  By the time I’d get to any hotel it would probably be around 2 am and I’d just have about an hour and 30 minutes to head right back to BOS.

I decided to just hang out in the airport.  Since I had to change terminals I was not airside, but was amazed that pretty much every Hudson News landside was open in the middle of the night.  The Dunkin Donuts is also open.  There are quite a few types of people hanging out waiting for the checkpoint to open.