Hilton Q2 promo and more Hilton apologetics

Hilton has finally enabled registration for the second quarter promotion.  This time it is 4 stays = a free night OR double base points.  The fine print does mention 4 stays/10 nights.  This makes it pretty much the same promo as Q1 when I only ended up getting 2 free nights instead of the max 3.  This time there is no limit so I need to try harder to get some more free nights this quarter.

I know a lot of you give me flack for being a Hilton apologist.  I know Hyatt’s promos blow Hilton out of the water, but find me a Hyatt in St. Joseph, MO (35 miles away).  Find me a Hyatt in Newburgh, NY( 36 miles away).  Find me a Hyatt as convenient as the Embassy Suites in Charleston, SC (where I have redeemed most of my Hilton points).    Then there is the fact that I often have to deal with my client’s contracted rates which coincidentally seem to be at Hampton Inns.  By mainly staying at Hampton Inns the brand offers me very little for my loyalty aside from extra points.  They do seem to be everywhere I need or want to be though.  As a business traveler my goal is to earn points as conveniently as possible to redeem when I’m not working.  My goals are different than people like Lucky on OneMileataTime who are always looking for a ways to spend a little money to get big rewards.

The key is to know your goals.  My goal is to maximize points without going out of my way.  It has worked out well enough over these past few years.  I get my points with minimal personal cash outlay.

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  1. Grace, you don’t have to apologize. Most everyone has constraints, whether time, financial, location, even contract rates. Since I am already Marriott Plat through next year, it would be nice to pick up some status at other chains but like you, location is an issue. Hyatt and Westin offer limited options, leaving HHilton as the best of what’s left. Maybe not the best program but sometimes it is the best available.

    You are doing it the right way… maxing out what you have to work with. No apologies needed.

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