It seems all the pressure and temperature changes from travel like to take their toll leading me to pounding headaches. Headaches are sneaky things and know to strike the trip after changing to a new purse and not carrying my normal stash of Excedrin. Headaches also know to do this when I didn’t rent a car and my headache gets worse when I stand up.

Thankfully this Hampton Inn has a shop with several choices in analgesics. Not my normal Excedrin, but oh well.

Any tips out there for travel headaches (and I mean literal ones).


  1. I too get headaches, including migraines. Denver is a big sore spot for my head. Seriously, A lay over there guarantees a mind numbing migraine coma. Has to do with barometric pressure changes.

    Take Imitrex for that. I don’t leave home without it.


  2. Mine tend to be tied to my sinuses so usually a combination of excedrin migraine + neosenophrine + hot showers seems to help. I had 2 out of 3 pieces, but no excedrin.

    I’m not sure if they are migrainy enough to warrant seeing someone for a prescription. I tend to get them if I haven’t hydrated well enough.

  3. Stay well hydrated when traveling, especially when traveling to dry climates or altitudes higher than you are used to.

  4. I also get headaches, particularly on long flights of 4 hours + and ALWAYS on a transatlantic flight. I think in addition to altitude, dry cabin air, etc. the fatigue factors in since I don’t sleep well on an overnight flight. I get migraines occasionally & when it’s really bad, only my Relpax (prescription drug for migraines) will help.

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