The Lulls

When I used to get asked whether I liked traveling so much I always enthusiastically said yes.  The fact of the matter is that I chose to seek employment in a traveling job because I was Ryan Bingham.  I sought to keep my backpack empty.  I had a lot of acquaintances but few real friends.  The friends I did have lived 1000 miles away in a place I never wanted to live.  It gave me the ability to be very selective about my circle.  I haven’t been traveling that long, but the longer I travel the harder it becomes to  want to maintain such distance.

It gets harder each time to say that I can’t make another event on a week day.  I am Ryan Bingham at the wedding realizing there is more to life that flying.  Life is what happens when I’m making plans.

It doesn’t help that every week TSA restricts more of my freedoms, frequent travel programs devalue, and flight times get crappier for my schedule.  Hopefully this will pass.