What have you left behind?

What donations to the airlines have you made throughout the years by leaving things in seatback pockets?

a white electronic device next to a row of booksThe other day on my flight I was in the first row and had a friendly flight attendant so we chatted a bit.  She was complaining about the size of the novel she was carrying.  I replied that she should get a Kindle because that is the whole point.  She stated that if she wouldn’t pay $200 for a device that will just end up left on the plane.  I inquired if she has found many and she said I wouldn’t believe how many she’s found (and since she doesn’t have one I’ll assume she is honest and turns them in instead of getting new toys).  I told her it is my policy to never put anything in the seat back pocket.  The time I am most tempted is during a long-haul flight.  The problem is the longer the flight the more I try to sleep.  The more I try to sleep the less likely I am to remember whatever it is.

I will attach my glasses to the seat back pocket since I am so blind there is no way I will make it out of my seat without my glasses, but aside from that I follow the mantra of the regional carriers and leave only the airline magazine, sky mall, airsickness bag, and safety card.

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  1. I didn’t ask. I’ve lost 1 valuable thing where I could track down the location. The battery fell off my portable DVD player on a Delta flight. I called the airport lost and found, identified it, and got it shipped back.

    I apparently lost a few shirts recently, but I have no clue where or exactly when. By the time I realized it I hadn’t worn them for a couple weeks and didn’t bother going through my former hotels.

  2. Tip: if you have lost your cell phone charger, ask the next hotel where you stay as they typically have a very large box full of chargers that never get claimed.

  3. Yes, but they usually don’t have laptop chargers. I guess people usually call back for those 🙁

    I have found that not all miniusb wall chargers are created equally and messed up a couple devices using chargers from hotels. It’s my fault for using a black berry charger on my Garmin and a Motorola charger on my HTC.

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