New phone time

I’ve had my HTC Fuze for almost 18 months which means May 7th I’m due for a new phone at the 2 year contract rate.  I’m itching to get rid of my Fuze due to the horrible lag and lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack.  I think Windows Mobile is an OK platform, but there isn’t a lot of work going into apps for it.  It’s a pretty dead platform.

I mainly just read e-mail, update RSS feeds of podcasts, and do some light surfing on the phone.  A lot of that is due to the fact that it is tedious to do anything else.  The Twitter app I’m using doesn’t refresh.   To get foursquare to find my location I have to open Google Maps first.  Otherwise it crashes when I try to search for a location.

I want a phone that works.


  1. Sold by AT&T
  2. Physical keyboard
  3. real 3.5 mm headphone jack
  4. e-mail that supports OWA accounts.  My company doesn’t support smart phones so I need an OWA pull client like Seven or Emoze.
  5. touch screen


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  1. I’d like a Motorola Droid, but no luck there the Motorola Backflip may be the closest thing I can get, but apparently AT&T gimped it and it doesn’t ship with the latest Android
  2. Blackberries seem to meet every requirement except touch screen.  Bold 9700
  3. not much else is there.  The others either don’t have a physical keyboard or won’t be out for several months.
  4. I could sell out and get an iPhone or convince my husband to drop his so we can get off AT&T and back to Verizon, but I think Southwest will install first class before that happens.

Anyone actually use the Backflip out there?  Any suggestions for an AT&T phone?  Should I go with the blackberry 9700?

ETA: I just learned about the Amazon wireless marketplace.  If I’m reading the AT&T website correctly I can get a Back Flip and extend my current contract for $99 or I can do the same on Amazon for $0.01.


  1. I have an HTC Tilt and am going to miss it but I will be switching to an iPhone soon. I’ve been playing with my iPod touch and though I used to be a “real keyboard only” person, I’m growing into the touch screen keyboard. It’s surprisingly easy to use.

  2. If I’m lucky I might not even need a smart phone soon. I think I might just wait until June and see what happens.

  3. Online sellers are definitely the best place for cell phone deals (just not the online websites of the companies themselves – etc)
    amazon wireless, and all have the best deals
    I don’t think you can get any phone on ATT that is anywhere close to the iphone (ATT and Apple probably want it that way)
    I have a samsung eternity -non smartphone – but has a 3.55mm jack and is a touch screen

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