Android App Review: TripIt

I’ve been using this app for the past few trips to try to really get a feel for it.  There are 2 versions of TripIt.  This will cover the free version, not the Pro version (which is $69/year and automatically tracks flights, suggests alternate routes, and tracks points) since I have a travel agent.

I like this app so far.  All I have to do is add an e-mail address in my travel agent’s website to automatically send the confirmation to tripit.  This means after a 2 second initial setup on my travel agent’s website I have nothing to do to feed trips into TripIt.

Some gripes: initially I thought I would use Facebook Connect instead of creating an account for TripIt.  Well on the mobile site it is not an option to use facebook connect so it became easier to also link my tripit account to my google account so TripIt has all kinds of personal information about me, but they make my life easier.

So what does it do?  It lists my upcoming trips in the mobile app.  Within that it lists my flights (in local times), car reservations, hotel reservations, links to directions from the airport to my hotel, and makes this information available in a nice format.
If I click on a flight it lists my seat (from the reservation e-mail), confirmation number, and a link to check flight status on flight stats mobile site.

After landing I just have to click on a link to show me my new gate information instead of loading up the airline’s mobile site and typing in my flight number or Origin and Destination.

I also just logged into my account on DH’s iPhone so he can see my itinerary without me doing anything.  I could also have it post my trips to Facebook, but decided not to do that.

It seems similar to TripCase, but that requires Android 1.6 or higher and the Backflip is still 1.5 without a root.

a screenshot of a phonea screenshot of a phone


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