Going back to school

One of the more common questions I get asked, since I’m so techie, is if I actually have an IT background as well.  In this economy it seems like a good idea to put more pieces of paper on my wall so if anything happens I have more than just experience, I have a degree.

I have been apprehensive about enrolling in any more school because I’m cheap, but it appears that distance graduate programs are pretty cheap in NC…less per hour than my onsite degree from MO, but most of that is due to no fees, just tuition.

I have a question for those of you out there who have been on the hiring end of the world: what is your opinion of “graduate certificates”?  The Health Informatics Masters Certificate I’m looking at sounds like it is designed for me: for a health professional working in the IT realm who wants some paper behind the experience.  If my math is right, my total outlay for this will be less than $3000 so that’s less than I spend on an international trip, but will a certificate (15 semester hours) really give me an advantage if I need to hit the job market again?

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