Name issues

Things had been going well since my name change, but this past week I had 2 issues.

1. I never got a new Delta Sky Club card issued.  Apparently I have to “order” a new one.  The guy at the desk didn’t specify if “order” means pay for a new one like a replacement or if he just meant I needed to request one.

Normally this doesn’t matter because when I fly Delta I just give them my boarding pass.  I have flown other airlines while using the ORD lounge and give the agent my SC card and ID and they swipe the card and compare the name on the screen to the name on the card.  The man working in ATL didn’t comprehend this.  He looked at the ID, at the card, at the ID.  I said “I never got a new one when Delta changed my name.”  He replied “You are supposed to order a new one.  It’s easier to just use your boarding pass.”  I told him I didn’t have a boarding pass  on Delta because I was flying AirTran and he should swipe the card and look at the computer.  He did finally and let me in.  I’d trust the computer more than a card anyway.  It shouldn’t be too hard to spoof a Sky Club card if one really wanted to, but having it swipe correctly is something that would probably be hard.

2. For some reason Priority Club likes to send my reservations to a particular hotel (which I had never stayed in before changing my name) using my maiden name.  They also like to print the wrong address on receipts.  You’d think if I reserve a room as Jane Doe and pay with a credit card with the name Jane Doe on a priority club account with rooms at other hotels as Jane Doe that this hotel would have me as Jane Doe. Nope.  Darn IT people!