Guest Blog Post: Snacks for your Plane Trip

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Suggestions for travel snacks.

I don’t do unsolicited guest blogs, but I solicited a blog post from my fellow blogger Erin from the WoRD on Fitness

If you have traveled by plane, you have probably noticed that food is very expensive and airports do not often offer the healthiest foods.  You may be surprised that you can really carry a lot of different foods on the plane; however, space is usually a premium and you obviously can’t refrigerate your foods.  Here are some tips for flying with yummy, healthy snacks!

  1. Remember that you can’t get fluids past security.  This is one thing that you’ll have to buy once you are past that point.  Another idea is to bring an empty water bottle and fill it once you are in the terminal area.
  2. Avoid foods that will get easily squished, such as bananas and grapes.  I have traveled with these, but it does take great care and you don’t want to find your snack demolished.
  3. Aim for foods that will be filling and easy to eat.  Think trail mix!  This is a great snack because it can be packed with protein, carbohydrate, and fat.  Consider throwing peanuts and/or almonds, dried fruit, and pretzels in a bag.
  4. Granola bars pack very easily as well.  Look for those that are high in protein and fiber to hold you over until you reach your destination.  Cliff bars are excellent for this!
  5. If you want to bring fruit along, good for you!  Probably one of the easiest fruits to travel with, other than dried fruit, is a sliced apple in a bag.  Make sure you get all of the air out of the bag and your apple will not brown quickly.  Slices make it easy to eat a little here and there versus not knowing what to do with your half eaten apple.  Apples are also great because they are not easily smashed!
  6. If you want to pack something such as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, consider packing it in Tupperware.  This will help you to avoid the squish factor!

Packing snacks really just takes a few minutes of your time before leaving your home.  Consider trying this as a way to save money and eat a little healthier on your flight.


  1. Thanks for this! We’ve found that snacks are also useful for the rest of the trip, especially if you are in a part of the world where it is hard to get food outside of a restaurant. Some of our standbys: craisins, cheese&cracker packs, cereal bars. We get a box of the lunch size packets and tuck those in every corner of our bags.

  2. Julie, thanks for the reminder about cheese and crackers! I think Whole Foods has some without trans fats now. And I wanted to suggest for pb&j–if you swirl the jelly into the peanut butter, it minimizes oozing. I find the jelly oozes out more than the peanut butter, but I really need the jelly to balance the nutty flavor.

  3. I meant–in my previous comment–if I don’t swirl in the jelly with the peanut butter, the jelly oozes out, disrupting the crucial jelly/peanut butter balance. 🙂

  4. A tiny bit of citrus juice (lemon, lime, orange..) in the bag of apples will keep them from browning.

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