Invalid request error occurred.a close up of a watchI met up with many frequent flyers who thought it was very strange for someone my age so into technology would wear a watch.  The flyers’ justification was that since I had a cell phone and the cell phone tells time I have no need for a watch.  About a month ago the battery of my wristwatch died for the second time.  Since the face was also scratched up and I had the watch for 5 years I decided to part with it.

I guess I’m more impatient than others.  Since cell phones are not allowed during taxi/takeoff/landing I get in a time warp during flights now.  I can’t really tell how long we have been stuck on a taxiway or anything like that without a watch.  I thought I could survive without a new chronometer, but I will soon be purchasing a new one.  I’d like a watch with two timezones, but I like skinny watches.  The biggest issue I have is there is something about my sweat or skin that dissolves the bands of watches so I must purchase a watch with a stainless steel band.  There aren’t many skinny woman’s watches with stainless bands so my last watch was approaching the width of a man’s watch.

My last few watches have been fossil.  It is easier to stick with them, but really it doesn’t matter.  I do not, however, believe there is a reason to spend $5,000 on a watch just like I don’t believe in spending more than $140 for a pair of shoes (but I will not spend less than $80 either since comfort is very important to me). I guess expensive watches are mostly a guy thing anyway.  I know I’m not into fashion like the other BoardingArea women, but I don’t hear much about Rolexes as a main accessory like for men.  I’m sure there are watches out there that cost a couple thousand dollars, but I mainly just need something to entertain me during taxi and takeoff so that would be like killing a fly with a hatchet to me.


  1. I still wear a watch. It is much more accessible/easy to read than a cell phone. I love my watch which is synchronized to the atomic clock (it updates each night), so I always know I have the correct time. Very cool.

  2. I love watches — I love the look – I’m techy but I love crazy big watches. It is way easier than pulling out your cell phone – just one flick of the wrist when your hands are full.

  3. An anesthesiologist friend of mine said he can tell who is under 30 by looking for if they have a watch tan line or not!

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